Kristy Adcock

founder, cco

With a passion for visual storytelling, Kristy co-founded NK Agency in 2016 and has led the creative team on multiple digital, print and experiential campaigns. Her proficiency as a photographer, videographer, editor and designer has propelled her mastery in the art of communicating a brand’s message through tasteful, attention grabbing visuals.

Kristy's multi-disciplinary expertise is in 360 campaign creative direction, art direction, design, creative strategy, brand development and marketing. She has worked with both small and large scale brands Including Martin Katz, Michael M Collection, Harpers Bazaar, Ducati, Robb Report, Town and Country, Lotte New York Palace, Architectural Digest, and the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Specialities Include – Creative Direction, Art Direction, brand storytelling, graphic design, creative concept development, 360 campaigns, creative strategy, social media layout and design, branding, logo design, Adobe Creative Suite, digital design, photo and video editing, e-commerce and minimalist/luxury design aesthetic.

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